Providing the best insurance policy to customers.

With today’s changing market, Almaha Insurance Agency is always available and geared up for its existing and potential clients. We apply a unique approach to coverage, customized to the stakeholder’s level of risk. In fact, we provide valuable advice on a range of risk and insurance considerations, as well as alternative risk-transfer options. By applying determined and combined risk solutions, we give our customers the chance to overcome the rising cost of insurance and increase lend of self-insured retentions brought by the current market constraints. Eventually, they will be able to make better-informed decisions, and therefore they will be properly protected and highly benefiting of a first-class insurance.

Our Key Component:

Encompass the following services to help our customers, “you”, tailor their bespoke policy.

Analyzing risks

Checking the accuracy of the policy classification, give clear interpretation of its conditions

Checking rates charged

Providing loss prevention and adjustment

Engineering services if needed for pre-risk survey

Making valuation approvals

Checking re-insurance companies’ratings and treaties

Our efficiently coordinated process enables us to provide high-precision services throughout the contract lifetime of our insured.

Handling claims

Updating insurance policies

Following-up the existing policies & managing appraisals

Offering new insurance products

Insurance brokerage

It’s no secret that any insurance company has the proficiency to provide good services, but few are the ones that actually manage to fully dedicate themselves to their customers’ interests. We take pride in ranking among this elite.

As a bulk buyer, Almaha Insurance Agency provides unparalleled services for the best rates. By tendering the insurance business among insurance companies, we proceed with a comprehensive assessment, comparing alternative coverage, contracts and rates.

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